Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Little Reminder

Our 1-year anniversary is in just a couple of weeks.
Thinking back on our wedding and lives together, I decided to look at some pictures.
I found this picture that I can't believe I hadn't really looked at before.
It made me smile and was one of thousands of reminders I get everyday of why my husband is the most perfect husband and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man to call my own.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Wow! It has been a while since I have posted. Summer wasn't too busy for me, I just keep forgetting to update!
Lots has happened in the past few months.

First of all, Daren got a promotion in his job this summer. He is now the Operations Manager for Elevation Scholars. He so deserves the promotion, and is so good at what he does! I was quite proud of my man. We celebrated with a little Cheesecake Factory goodness. Num-Yummy!!

I got a new job. I work as a receptionist for a veterinary hospital. Not my first choice, but not my last choice, either! It was so nice to not work for most of the summer, but it feels good to be working again. It is rewarding and fulfilling. The good part about the job is I get to wear scrubs, which makes me feel official (and sometimes I pretend I am a surgeon).

School has started again. I began the semester thinking I had 4 more semesters after this one (after the U decided they needed to add requirements to my Psychology major). After visiting with my advisor, I am so happy and relieved to report that I have only 3 semesters left after this one is finished. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's of Science, and BONUS, I will also be graduating with a minor certificate in Positive Psychology.

*Side Note: Positive Psychology is the science of "emphasizing human strengths, positive emotions, and well being." It focuses on the psychology of areas such as forgiveness, anger, managing stressors, intimate relationships, and dealing with grief after traumatic experiences. This is a great certificate to have to get me into a counseling Masters program, if the opportunity arises (which I sincerely hope it does!) I am about one and a half semesters away from completing the requirements for my Psychology Degree, but I still had about 20 credits that needed to be filled. It's a perfect fit because my Positive Psychology certificate is 20 credits. Bada-bing, bada-boom, I graduate with a bachelors and a certificate by the summer next year. Why not, right?

The fifth week of school is not yet over and I have already had 4 quizzes, 3 tests, 3 study guides, and a 5 page paper due (in which I will be adding on throughout the semester). I'm sure this isn't the hardest a semester has been, but it sure feels like it so far! It will be a crazy busy one, but a good one in which I will be learning a whole lot.

So, that catches things up a bit. I will be posting as much as possible in the time that I can find. Hopefully little things here and there to keep things updated. We have a busy life, but we both agree that we are so grateful to have so many opportunities before us!

Here is a little pic Daren snapped while on one of his many backpacking trips this summer.
He is very, very proud of his weapons. He takes care of them as if they were his children.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lagoon Day

Thanks to Mimi, Daren and I had an adventure at Lagoon today.
Let me tell you, we are a wild duo. And the man is super fun to be with.
I am one lucky, lucky girl, and boy do I thank my lucky stars Daren chose me!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winner Winner! Lobster Dinner!

Daren and I won Grandma Agle's drawing this past month. That prize was $50 to spend on whatever we wanted. The only condition to winning the prize is that you MUST do something fun with the money.

Daren and I were so excited to win, we came up with a few options of what we could do.
However, we settled on something we have been trying to do since February. It didn't happen in February, so we pushed it to May. It didn't happen in May either. So, we decided to make July the month to do what we have been trying to do.

We went to my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster!
Red Lobster has the most delicious crab legs. I have been craving them for so long! Finally, I was able to enjoy a whole pound of wonderful, sweet crab meat.

Then, we ordered a cazookie from The Chocolate, a bakery with the most delicious cookie dish ever. It is gooey and chewy and ever so chocolatey.

Finally, we finished the night by meeting Mama and Papa at the outdoor Scera Shell, where we enjoyed a wonderful musical, but especially our time together.
Thank you Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ken for providing the way for such a wonderful day!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm a Gambling Man, I am

Ok, not really gambling. But my man is turning into a card playing man!
Ok, so maybe he has always liked cards, but we are starting to play cards together.
Anyway, here is a cute picture of him playing Solitaire.
(I thought Grandma & Grandpa Agle and Nana & Grandpa Tyler would like to see this):

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Subway '12

Daren and I had the chance to go on a super fun trip this past weekend.
A friend entered a chance to win permits to hike through the "Subway" down in Zion's Slot Canyons. (Only about 80 people a day are permitted to go through the Subway so we felt very lucky to have this opportunity).
It was such an adventure!
We left Thursday evening, hiked Friday and Saturday then came home late Saturday night.
Despite concerns of flash floods, we made it through the entire Subway safely, albeit wet!
From the moment we started hiking on Friday, it started pouring with rain. Through the 9.5-mile, 9 hour hike, we were dry for about 45 minutes of it.
The "Subway" starts off hiking down about 3 miles of red slick rock and sand. The rain made the slick rock slippery which created an extra obstacle for us in the beginning.
Katie & Daren getting ready for a decent down red slick rock
(as you can tell, we are quite wet already)

Once we got to the slots, we were wading through water (sometimes over 6 feet deep!) for the rest of the day.
One of many pools we crossed

Along with wading and swimming, we had many chances to repel down steep rocks. Thank goodness Daren, Craig and Scott are very experienced canyoneers! I was saved quite a few times by all of them.
Craig saving my life down the first repel (thanks Craig!)
Although being wet without worrying about ruining clothes or wet shoes is so fun, it did get quite chilly! So chilly in fact, we had to open up a space blanket for me and Chelsea.
If you look really close, the picture is a little blurry and I think it is because we were shivering!

Hiking the Subway was so much fun! I came home in so much pain, but the kind of hurt that feels good  because it reminds me of how much fun the weekend was.
Oh such good memories!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

For anyone who knows Daren, they know he doesn't lie.
That's why I couldn't believe he lied to me.
Driving home a couple of weeks ago, I asked him what time he was planning on coming home after work the next day. After stuttering, he said he would be late because his boss needed him to do somethings. So probably not before 7pm.
The morning after our drive home, the day he was supposed to stay late at work, he was flustered and when I asked what was wrong with him, he said he had lost something very important. He rushed out the door.
About an hour later, I called him and asked if he was okay, if I could look for what he was looking for earlier. He said what he was looking for might be on the kitchen table.

This was on the kitchen table:
"Day 1 of 6" was on the table. "Day 1 of 6" was what Daren had "lost," when really he was just trying to figure out where to put the note that morning. 
This was why Daren was being a liar-face. Daren wasn't coming home until later because this "mystery man" (who happened to look just like Daren, was coming home to cook me dinner.
He let me choose my dinner (spaghetti, salad, rolls) and my dessert (cookies, of course). 

How sweet! Right? But day 1...of 6? There was more?? Why, yes. There was:
The last day was super special. Daren wrote me a love letter.

(the love letter was so cute, it may or may not have made me cry). (I am married to the best man on the planet).

I had a super fun and perfect week with picnics in the park, movie nights, sour patch kids, delicious berries, and foot massages. 
So Daren was lying. He told a big fat one. The first lie he has ever told me. But, guess what? I don't mind this kind of lying. Daren's lying brings wonderful surprises.