Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Month

So, it is time to continue on with the 26 things I love about Daren.
Since it is April, 11th, I have some catching up to do...

4. I love Daren's sense of humor. Somehow, Daren manages to find some lighthearted happiness in every situation. It may not be completely obvious at first, but when Daren points it out, it has me laughing for days.

5. I love Daren's work-ethic. Daren is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He sets his mind to doing the best he can with what he has.

6. Along with his work-ethic, Daren knows how to play hard, too. There is never a time when Daren is too tired, too busy, or too relaxed to have a little fun. He always makes time to spend with friends and family and has a blast doing just that.

7. I love Daren's unassumingness (if that's a word). He will always focus on the best of people instead of putting them down or judging them. He often doesn't need to hear the 'whole story' about a situation, because he understands that sometimes people just do silly things.

8. Daren has an enthusiasm that cannot be matched. There is never a time that he isn't excited about one thing or another. Recently, it has been Bigfoot. And Bigfoot Hunting. And guns. But, no matter what it is (and there is always something), he is excited about it.

9. Daren obsesses about 2 things. One of them is laundry, the other is dishes. He doesn't trust anyone but himself to do those things. I know, it's quirky. But who isn't? And I love that about him.

10. Daren is a nerd at heart. He loves nerdy things like technology, cool instruments, new toys. But there is one thing you MUST know about Daren, which I find ADORABLE. Everything in Daren's mind is a cartoon. How cute is that? Every scenario he plays out in his head, every activity he imagines is in the form of a cartoon. Can you imagine how fun it would be to spend a day in his brain? Love it.

11. Daren mixes everything up. Words, numbers, dates, times. The whole bit. He'll ask me when I have work, and before I can say 9-5, he'll say, "4-11, right?"....cutie patootie.

To sum it all up so far, I sure love this nerd.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Birthday Month!

As many probably know, birthdays are Daren's favorite holidays.
Let me rephrase that. Daren's birthday is Daren's favorite holiday.

Since it is April and Daren's birthday is in April, birthday month will be beginning asap. As soon as he thinks of the first celebration.

Until that begins, it is April 3rd. There have already been 3 whole days in April and I have yet to start listing my favorite things about my man. So, here they are:

1. I love the way Daren looks in the mirror. It always consists of a hands-in-pocket, head slightly bowed, looking up from an angle, nod of approval. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I hope you all get to see it one day.

2. I love Daren's music. Daren is a super talented musician and is always coming up with new little things to play. Along with this, Daren loves to make up songs about what he is doing or thinking about. For example, if he is doing his hair in the morning, a song may be this:
"I am doing my hair, and it's looking really good.
I am putting the pomade in my hand and rubbing it through my hair.
My hair is looking cool, because my pomade is cool.
I love my hair, it is getting lighter from the sun.
I put too much pomade in my hair, and now it doesn't look as good as it was.
But that's ok, because my wife loves me.
She is a pickle face."

3. I love Daren's made up voices. Every now and then, and sometimes when he is alone, he will start thinking out loud in a funny voice. He has a voice for me when he is pretending to say something I say, he has a voice for his brother Ryan when he is doing something typical of Ryan. His favorite voice of late has been Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Basically he has a voice for everyone and loves to mimic them in that voice. A couple of times, he has admitted talking to himself for 10 minutes without realizing there was no one around to hear him. Gooood one.

You can expect quite a few more of these this birthday month as we honor the Man Who Loves His Birthday.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nacho Catastrophe of 2012

Daren makes the best nachos on the planet. They are so delicious that even I love them!
When we got home from school this evening, Daren started on his famous nachos so that we could have the best dinner ever!
Then it happened....

While juggling the nachos in his right hand and opening the oven with his left, somehow the pans on top of the oven spilled onto him and in consequence, the nachos were flipped and lost. They were flying all over the place until they landed on the hot oven base, never to be eaten.

As I started to cry (in true Katie fashion), Daren started to eat the ones that had fallen within reach of the no-burn zone. After giving me a long hug, Daren suggested we go to Arctic Circle and get a couple of burgers as it is just up the street.

What could have been a lot of tears shed by me, and a delicious nacho feast, it actually turned into a much needed date night with 4 cheeseburgers, to-go.

Ah the simple joys in life.