Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Month

So, it is time to continue on with the 26 things I love about Daren.
Since it is April, 11th, I have some catching up to do...

4. I love Daren's sense of humor. Somehow, Daren manages to find some lighthearted happiness in every situation. It may not be completely obvious at first, but when Daren points it out, it has me laughing for days.

5. I love Daren's work-ethic. Daren is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He sets his mind to doing the best he can with what he has.

6. Along with his work-ethic, Daren knows how to play hard, too. There is never a time when Daren is too tired, too busy, or too relaxed to have a little fun. He always makes time to spend with friends and family and has a blast doing just that.

7. I love Daren's unassumingness (if that's a word). He will always focus on the best of people instead of putting them down or judging them. He often doesn't need to hear the 'whole story' about a situation, because he understands that sometimes people just do silly things.

8. Daren has an enthusiasm that cannot be matched. There is never a time that he isn't excited about one thing or another. Recently, it has been Bigfoot. And Bigfoot Hunting. And guns. But, no matter what it is (and there is always something), he is excited about it.

9. Daren obsesses about 2 things. One of them is laundry, the other is dishes. He doesn't trust anyone but himself to do those things. I know, it's quirky. But who isn't? And I love that about him.

10. Daren is a nerd at heart. He loves nerdy things like technology, cool instruments, new toys. But there is one thing you MUST know about Daren, which I find ADORABLE. Everything in Daren's mind is a cartoon. How cute is that? Every scenario he plays out in his head, every activity he imagines is in the form of a cartoon. Can you imagine how fun it would be to spend a day in his brain? Love it.

11. Daren mixes everything up. Words, numbers, dates, times. The whole bit. He'll ask me when I have work, and before I can say 9-5, he'll say, "4-11, right?"....cutie patootie.

To sum it all up so far, I sure love this nerd.

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