Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nacho Catastrophe of 2012

Daren makes the best nachos on the planet. They are so delicious that even I love them!
When we got home from school this evening, Daren started on his famous nachos so that we could have the best dinner ever!
Then it happened....

While juggling the nachos in his right hand and opening the oven with his left, somehow the pans on top of the oven spilled onto him and in consequence, the nachos were flipped and lost. They were flying all over the place until they landed on the hot oven base, never to be eaten.

As I started to cry (in true Katie fashion), Daren started to eat the ones that had fallen within reach of the no-burn zone. After giving me a long hug, Daren suggested we go to Arctic Circle and get a couple of burgers as it is just up the street.

What could have been a lot of tears shed by me, and a delicious nacho feast, it actually turned into a much needed date night with 4 cheeseburgers, to-go.

Ah the simple joys in life.

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